Beach-Yoga Sand-Drawing Workshop    


Be a human paintbrush: creating beauty inside and out through environmental art

The perfect team building activity. Gather with a group of inspired individuals at an iconic beach setting during low tide. Grab a rake and carry your shoes to the shore. Let go of the busy working day world and connect to your body and beach as you are gently guided through an easeful breath-work and movement sequence. We begin drawing with the rakes, now you are feeling the ocean, giant patterns emerge in the sand. You don’t know what is next, and your feeling transformed by the process. Guiding you is Andres Amador Arts’ facilitator Kelsi Anderson, who supports you in dropping down to your inner being, while raising up your creativity. The tides come in. What we create is washed away … impermanent, joyful, physical, challenging, and playful. You are meeting new friends; connecting with old friends, your family, your body, your breath, spirit, and nature.

Check our Adventure Calendar for upcoming availability as dates and times (event is dependent on favorable tides). Customized team building events available for private groups. Current events scheduled for Baker Beach in San Francisco.

Location: San Francisco with alternatives in Marin County and Sonoma.
Price: $60 per person (Discounts and packages for groups)
Number of participants: Minimum 6 participants (or event is rescheduled).
Contingencies: Rain cancels or reschedules
Event Duration: standard event is 3 hours


Come gather with a group of inspired individuals at an iconic beach setting.

Drawing with body and rake. Taking in this wild ocean landscape.

Let go of the busy day/world and connect to your body and the beach as you are gently guided through an easeful breathwork and yoga movement sequence.

Set intentions for the art practice and experience you will co create.

Become a human paintbrush and as we walk across the canvas of the beach notice that we see natural patterns and shapes we can weave into our design. From pen to paper translated to rake to sand the creative process unfolds. It's a bit magical.

You won't always know what is next.

But through trust and embodied presence your feet feel the sand and hands grasp the rake.

What ever your age, it is easy to be like a bunch of kids playing. When was the last time you did something for the first time?

The practice gets easier, the circles get bigger. You feel your core.

Within time, this work begins to feel like play and the massive sand mandala paintings take shape.

We Flow with the incoming tide. Take stock of the very small and the very big. Where are you creating in this dream?

We'll leave our mark and take pictures that you will marvel at later.

Yet it's this present moment of artful embodiement with all your senses open and engaged that you may vibrantly remember best.

Afterwards we reflect, personal shared reflections. Like an Etch-a-Sketch, we watch our creation get erased away by the waves.

We take a moment to all gather and admire and look. We might do a group photo, we talk about what we all experienced … enjoyment.

Marvel at the beautiful patterns.

Videos with more information about the Beach-Yoga Sand-Drawing Happenings

Insipred by Andres Amador Arts